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DSL High Speed Internet

DSL is a high speed way to connect to the Internet. Using the same line as your telephone, you can connect at speeds up to 15 times faster than with your dial up service.

WINS customers in certain areas can obtain DSL service from their local telephone company. If you are served by one of the below telephone companies you may be able to obtain DSL service. For more information, please contact your local telephone company.

LaHarpe Telephone Company217/659-7721
McDonough Telephone Cooperative309/776-3211
Mid Century Telephone Cooperative 309/778-8611
New Windsor Telephone Company309/667-2712
Oneida Telephone Exchange309/483-3111
Reynolds Telephone Company309/372-4214
Viola Home Telephone Company309/596-2222
Woodhull Community Telephone Company309/334-2150

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